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KOSEKs personnel in the meeting room

Operating companies

Entrepreneur, let’s develop your business together!

Do you want to start a business or develop an existing one? Do you need advice on applying for funding or managing your company’s finances? Are you looking for new premises or thinking about internationalisation? Are you looking for someone to carry on your business activities?

  • An entrepreneur speaks to a mobile phone and writes on a packageWe offer concrete help in orientating your activities – bringing in new customers, networking, permits and many other everyday challenges.

    We help you find solutions when your business activities are at a crossroads and when you need to prepare for such situations. We also arrange group exercises and training events.

  • Coins stacked side by sideWe help you apply for various types of development aid and to prepare your projects.

    Through us, you can also get help with things related to capital investment and angel investment, as well as crowdfunding.

    With our support, you will find the best financing model for your business.

  • The machine lifts pipes in an industrial hallOur business developers help you solve problems related to production and product development.

    We work with you to find the necessary means and partners who can support you in developing your quality and new products.

  • The computer screen displays a graphical patternWe help you digitalise your business activities, build entirely new digital operations and navigate the various facets of the digitalisation process.

    Areas of development may include, for example, conceptualisation of digital business activities or redesigning a service to make it compatible with digital solutions. We help you map the services and technology you can utilise in your business activities and choose the right revenue model.

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