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Piirroskuva jossa nainen rakentaa tiiliseinää

New entrepreneurs

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KOSEK offers free counselling and preliminary training for people who are planning to start a business.

We help you personally for no charge in several ways, including:

• Developing your business idea
• Making the necessary calculations
• Providing assistance with facets of marketing and sales
• Building and developing a network of cooperation with banks, insurance companies, accounting firms, telecom and IT companies, law firms, graphic design companies and public organisations
• Providing free counselling from experienced professionals
• Providing guidance for targeted training
• Acting as a business idea bank
• Follow-up monitoring of businesses that have been in operation for 1–3 years

We also serve:

• Educational institutions in our area by providing entrepreneurship education and support with other entrepreneurial activities
• Students by helping them develop their business ideas
• Established businesses by providing support in their further development

The Guide to Entrepreneurship helps you in setting up your business >>>

Lissu – Entrepreneur’s web service for preparing a business plan >>>

E-tools for entrepreneurs >>>

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